Information from the Global Fantastika conference including the programme with all abstracts and bionotes can be found at the "Past Conferences" link above.

Click here to access this CFP in a downloadable PDF form.

The third annual Fantastika conference focused on productions of Fantastika globally, as well as considering themes of contact across nations and borders within Fantastika. We are now seeking to supplement extended conference papers with other work in order to publish a special edition of Fantastika Journal which represents the diversity of Fantastika publications globally.

We welcome articles on Fantastika as they occur in any medium and form. Some suggested topics are:
- Fantastika genres that are specific to a nation or culture (e.g. contemporary mythologies, magical realism, anime, etc.)
- the representation of national or cultural ideologies in Fantastika

- the production and development of Fantastika in non-English-speaking countries (English translation required for all non-English components)
- fictional and real empires
- globalization, industrialization, development and the future
- global networks, mobilities, migrations
- borders, defence of borders, crossing borders, and occupations
- (post)colonial texts and readings
- notions of the ‘other’

 If you would like to submit an article for publication with Fantastika Journal, please send a 5000-7000 word article, with an abstract and a bionote in separate word documents, to Please use MLA referencing style. All articles will undergo peer review following submission. Articles are due May 20, 2017. Please note that the deadline has been extended.

 We will also be including reviews of fiction or non-fiction works released in 2016 and 2017. Please contact us under the subject line “reviews” if you are interested in reviewing a film or book that considers any of the above themes. Reviews are due by the end of July 2017.