Queering Fantastika

Call for Papers

For our next special issue, we are interested in works that contain representations of the LGBTQIA+ community, relationships, and full spectrum of identities  as well academic criticism that utilises queer or trans theory as a lens to examine Fantastika narratives.

Note: This is an open-call for papers. While it links to our digital symposium held on 20 Nov 2021, you are not required to present at the event in order to submit an article for consideration. As well, while the symposium focused on graphic narratives, we are expanding the remit for this special issue to all formats.

Some suggested topics are:
• depictions of LGBTQIA+ people or relationships (real or fictional), including re-imaginings or interpretations

• discussions of social constructs and challenges to these constructions (including texts where authors/creators may not have intended queer readings)
• “coming-out” narratives, including the bildungsroman

• reception and consumption of LGBTQIA+ narratives (including cosplay and fan fiction)

• examinations of performance and performativity (including both "passing" and pride)
• world-building and the place of LGBTQIA+ within these settings

• phobic representations and/or audience responses
• intersectional approaches (race, disability, etc) or related post-human themes which incorporate queer or trans theory (alien species, cyborgs, shapeshifting, etc.)

Deadline for article submissions: 1 March 2022. Early submissions encouraged.

Please follow our submission guidelines. Send 5000-7000 word articles to editors@fantastikajournal.com with abstracts (300 words) and bionotes (100 words) in separate documents.

We will only accept scholarly works which discuss any of the Fantastika genres. All articles must have a clear, strong, and original contribution to Fantastika research.

If you are interested in writing an academic thought piece on the state of LGBTQIA+ representations in Fantastika literature and studies, please contact the Head Editors, Kerry Dodd and Charul "Chuckie" Chuckie Palmer-Patel, and the special guest editor, Héloïse Thomas, at editors@fantastikajournal.com to arrange to write an editorial.

The editors reserve the right to reject submissions that are not in keeping with the professional tones of Fantastika Journal or any which perpetuates a toxic environment.


General Issues

The journal welcomes submissions throughout the year regardless of theme or topic as long as the content is relevant to Fantastika in some manner or form. Please refer to our submissions guidelines Accepted submissions will be published in our next upcoming general issue.


CFPs for Other Events, Journals, and Book Collections

Note that these CFPs are not sponsored by or associated with Fantastika Journal


Mythcon52: The Mythic, the Fantastic, and the Alien

By Mythopoeic Society

July 29-Aug 1, 2022

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Abstracts due April 15, 2022

Mythcon 52’s theme provides multiple opportunities to explore the Other in fantasy and mythopoeic literature. Tolkien spoke in “On Fairy-stories” of “the desire to visit, free as a fish, the deep sea; or the longing for the noiseless, gracious, economical flight of a bird.” We invite discussion about the types of fantasy that are more likely to put us into contact with the alien, such as time portal fantasy and space travel fantasy. In addition to Inklings, some writers who deal particularly well with the truly alien who might be explored include Lovecraft, Gaiman, Le Guin, Tepper, and others. Other topics that might be fruitfully explored are: depictions of the alien Other in film and television (Contact, Arrival, HBO’s Watchmen, etc.); developing constructed languages that are truly different from those of Earth-based humans; fantastical Others in indigenous myths (such as Coyote and Spider Woman from Native American mythology); and American folklore about the alien (flying saucers, alien abduction, Area 51, Roswell).

This much-delayed in-person Mythcon was originally scheduled for 2020. If you paid for in-person regiustration for Mythcon 51, your membership will automatically “roll over” to Mythcon 52.


Upcoming Collections Edited by Simon Bacon


Human Vampires in the Reel World: 50 Years of George Romero’s Martin

This collection is looking for abstracts in the following areas in relation to Romero’s film and it’s ongoing legacy:

—Casting, Production and Reception.

—The film in cultural and historical context.

—In relation to the vampire genre.

—The connection between vampires and environment (The Transfiguration/Only Lovers).

—Mental illness and thinking you’re a vampire (Vampires Kiss).

—The real-world struggles of vampires (Hamiltons).

—Human killers/cults labeled as vampires (Vampire Clan).

—Camera, film, and production techniques to create ‘real’ vampires, such as found footage/ docu(mocku)mentary/ black&white film.

—Dressing as a vampire (A Girl Walks).

300 word abstracts to be sent by March 2022 to Simon Bacon: baconetti@gmail.com

Final essay of 5-6,000 words by needed end of 2024.